Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Church of the Advent is a Christian community, a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, which gathers together day by day and week by week to know and make known the grace of God which comes to believers through Jesus Christ. All that we are and all that we do is empowered by the grace of God which is given to us through the Sacraments instituted by Christ, particularly the Sacrament of the Altar. And by means of this abundant grace we enjoy a diverse, vital, and close-knit parish family - young, old, rich, poor, of various ethnic origins and differing backgrounds. From our extraordinary music program to a growing church school, our guilds of bell ringers, gardeners and acolytes, to those who serve our long-standing Tuesday Night Community Dinner for the needy, the Advent is a community of faith which tries to keep the Gospel close to her heart and to live by Jesus' teaching.

The mission of the Parish, as defined by its charter in 1844, is "to bring to a portion of the city of Boston the ministrations of the holy Catholic Church; and more especially to secure the same to the poor and needy in a manner free from unnecessary expense and all ungracious circumstances." To that end The Advent was founded as the first church in Boston without compulsory pew rent. Over the years we have welcomed into our fellowship worshippers not only from the city and suburbs, but also from all New England. An appreciation of the importance of prayer and the ancient traditions of Christian worship inspires all our services, from a quiet weekday Mass in the Lady Chapel to the full splendor of Solemn High Mass on a Sunday morning. We are committed to preaching the Word of God and ministering His Sacraments to all who desire them, and we hope to have you join us in this mission.

And may the peace of God, which passes all understanding, keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Fr. Allan B. Warren III, Rector Fr. Warren

From a letter Fr. Warren received in late November 2009:

Dear Fr Warren,
It was a true pleasure for my wife Ruth and me to worship at the Advent this past Sunday. I cannot recall when I was last at Mass at the Advent - many years ago. I was confirmed at the Advent at the Easter Vigil, 1971, I believe, by Bishop Burgess. Harris Collingwood was Rector then.

What I am writing about is to share my pleasure with the welcome Ruth and I received by parishioners of the Advent. We came early and went down to Moseley Hall. We were vary graciously greeted and made welcome. I was not at that time wearing my collar, so our reception was not as a result of a little tab of white beneath my chin. O, that all churches were as hospitable.

My best wishes to you and the people of the Advent that you have a blessed Advent and Christmas season as you live out your mission as a manifestation of the Body of Christ in Boston.