Our Sextons

The everyday care and maintenance of our building is in the capable hands of Moses Sekkaja (right) and Moses Buyondo (below). Collectively, Moses Sekkaja and Moses Buyondo might be called "the Mosai" (although we're not quite sure how that's spelled). No matter how you call it, the Advent is very fortunate to have them keeping a close eye on things!

Moses Buyondo, Assistant Sexton

Moses Sekkaja, Sexton

We congratulate Moses Buyondo on receiving his diploma from the Boston Central Adult High School in May 2005.  Moses attended classes for three years, working and studying quite diligently to reach this goal, and we are all very proud of him. Here are some photos from Moses's graduation ceremony: http://www.flickr.com/photos/65687871@N00/sets/363784/

Moses Sekkaja and Moses Buyondo practicing their drumming
Preparing for African Drumming Class (September 2005)