Photo Gallery Archive

Photos from 2012-2013
The Church School Christmas Pageant, December 18, 2011
sheep in waiting
Archangel and Mary
Mary, Joseph, and donkey
the Holy Family
pageant tableau
pageant tableau
the Wise Men arriving
tableau with Wise Men
the cast sings
triumphant conclusion
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The First Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011, our Feast of Title & Dedication
advent wreath fixings
Father Warren talking about the Advent wreath
making advent wreaths
procession on Advent Sunday
Lessons and Carols - How to Look Extremely Anglican, front view
How to Look Extremely Anglican, Rear View
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The Feast of Christ the King, November 20, 2011
conducting the choir
sunlit church
the Great Rood
part of the choir singing the Te Deum
thurifers at start of Te Deum
thurifers during Te Deum
more of choir singing Te Deum
smoke-filled sanctuary
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All Saints Sunday, November 6, 2011 - All photos by Joseph Vitacco, with our thanks!
choristers in procession
baptismal examination
start of baptismal rite
the light of Christ
prayer of consecration
coffee hour
celebrating Ross Wood
Father Warren, Ross Wood, and Mark Dwyer
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Corpus Christi 2011
the Epistle
the Gospel
the sermon - the Rev. Will Brown
Behold the Lamb of God
before the Procession
the procession goes outdoors
Fr Warren and brass band
procession crosses Charles Street
worshippers in procession
the Sacred Ministers with the Host
Easter Day 2011
before Mass
Old Testament Lesson
coffee hour in garden
procession at 11.15
coffee hour in garden
another visitor
Easter Vigil 2011
lighting the FIre
preparing the Candle
lighting the Candle
the Exsultet
the Liturgy of the Word
assembled for the Baptisms
preparing the Font
dipping the Candle
the Gloria in Excelsis
Good Friday, April 22, 2011
desolate high altar
the Altar of Repose
the veneration Cross
awaiting the entrance of the ministers
the ministers prostrate themselves
the prostration
the Good Friday collect
the Solemn Collects
the Solemn Collects
Let us bow the knee...
fetching the Cross
behold the wood of the Cross
O come, let us worship
the Veneration of the Cross
censing the Sacrament
preparing for Communion
the Absolution
Christ our Passover ...
Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011
The Lady Chapel
The High Altar before Mass
Beginning of Palm Liturgy
Blessing of Palms
Beginning of Procession
Procession rounding the corner
Procession returning to the Church
Sacred Ministers returning to Church
Worshippers processing back into Church
More worshippers going into church
The Mass proper begins
The Passion Gospel
This is none other but the house of God...
Palm Liturgy at 11.15 Mass
Blessing Palms
Blessing congregation's palms
Procession begins
Procession returning to church
Sacred Ministers in windy procession
Worshippers in Palm Procession
Passion Gospel at 11.15
The Mass
The Blessing
Family Seder - April 15, 2011
Preparing the Meal
Checking things out
Beginning the Seder
The Seder Plate and glasses for wine
Fr Wood reading his part
Breaking the Bread
One of the Four Questions
Fr Wood with Egg
Jake - or Elijah?
Burying the Alleluias - Last Epiphany, March 6, 2011
preparing for the procession
procession through the church
arriving at the grave
the burial
sprinkling the casket
the Alleluias will be resurrected on Holy Saturday


Photo Gallery 2008-2010

Christmas 2010
going to the creche
waiting at the creche
bringing gifts
bringing gifts
singing Silent Night
the Peace
Behold the Lamb of God
the creche waiting for the Child
the creche with gifts
Nativity peace
the Wise Men waiting for their close-up
Christmas flowers - the baptistry
Christmas flowers - the All Saints chapel and pulpit
Christmas flowers - the All Saints altar
Christmas flowers - the icon of Our Lady of Yaroslavl
Christmas flowers - the High Altar
Christmas flowers - closeup of 1849 alms basin on High Altar
Christmas flowers - the High Altar
Christmas cats - Jake
Christmas cats - Jeoffry
 Christmas cats - Max
Bishop Shaw's Visitation, October 17, 2010
in the sacristy before Mass
the entrance
the Gospel
Fr Warren introduces the Bishop before the sermon
the sermon
the Absolution
the Sursum Corda
Invitation to Communion
Pontifical Blessing
Our beloved Moses Buyondo became an American citizen in a naturalization ceremony at Fenway Park on September 14, 2010!
the new citizen shows off his flag and naturalization certificate
Moses makes a speech
Fr. Warren and Moses
Several unique photos of the Advent by Boston Globe photographer John Tlumacki:
Downed tree after storm - June 6, 2010
The tree was removed on June 11, with the help of chainsaws and lots of heavy equipment.
Strong storms blew through the Boston area on the afternoon of Sunday, June 6, and took out a large tree in the church's front garden. Thankfully, there was no damage to the building or to any of our two- or four-footed denizens. (Photos by Fr. Wood.)
downed tree in church garden
downed tree from across the street
downed tree
Corpus Christi - June 3, 2010
Father Gray returned to preach, pelting thunderstorms cleared just in time for the Procession, and a grand time was had by all!
Ray Porter and Father Gray
That guy looks familiar
Ray Porter, Father Gray, Father Warren and the Choir at the Gospel
Waiting for the Gospel
Father Gray preaching
Father Gray in the pulpit
the Elements
What Corpus Christi is all about
procession begins
The procession begins
procession departs the church
Departing the church (note the newly-gilded inscription over the door:
"This is none other but the house of GOD, and this is the Gate of Heaven")
the brass band
Can't have a parade without a brass band...
thurifers and sacred ministers with the Host
See, we told you it wouldn't dare rain on the Sacrament
MC and Sacred Ministers
The Sacred Ministers and the Host lead the people
procession heading for home
On the way back into the church
The Benediction
Father Gray and friends
The preacher and friends
garden reception
All ages and species enjoy the garden
firelit roses
Firelit roses in the garden
Easter 2010: The Great Vigil and Easter Day
lighting the New Fire
The Exsultet
Blessing over the Water
dipping the Paschal Candle
just before the proclamation of the Resurrection
let there be light
the Blessing
alleluia yahoo
the Choir and Fr. Wood
the Peace
the Offertory
Offertory censing
invitation to Communion
distribution of Communion
stylish headgear
Good Friday 2010
the Altar of Repose
veneration cross
sacred ministers prostrating
praying the Collect
Let us Bow the knee
waiting to process the Cross
Choir in gallery
Behold the Wood of the Cross...
veneration of the Cross
Palm Sunday 2010
Palm Rite
blessing before Palm Gospel
Palm Gospel
Blessing of Palms
Palm Procession
Procession heading for church door
sacred minsters heading back into church
worshippers in procession
salutation before collect
singing the Passion
the gospeler singing Jesus
Ah holy Jesus sung in place
Christmas 2009
beginning of Mass
high altar seen from the West gallery
choir singing
The Gospel
the sermon
procession to creche begins
waiting for the gifts
singing Away i na Manger
the Peace
church decoration - the All Saints altar
church decoration - the chancel
the creche
November 22, 2009: The Feast of Christ the King - a baptism, an orchestral Mass and a Te Deum
Fr Wood preaching
beginning of baptism
blessing the water
the baptism
orchestral mass
choir and orchestra from the west gallery
smoky Te Deum
even smokier Te Deum
Christus Rex
November 15, 2009: Blessing of New Green High Mass Vestments
vestments awaiting blessing
Fr Warren begins the blessing
Fr Warren blesses the vestments
the beginning of the Mass
the Gospel
the Creed
the Sursum Corda
the beginning of the Canon
the conclusion of the Mass
All Souls Day, November 2, 2009: The Solemn Requiem
start of the liturgy
The start of the liturgy
the Gospel
The Gospel
the Prayer for the Departed
The prayer for the departed
Father Wood reads the names of the departed
Father Wood reads the names of the departed
the Offertory - beautiful vestments
The Offertory
sprinkling the catafalque
The catafalque is sprinkled
concluding moments of the liturgy
the liturgy approaches its conclusion
concluding moments of the liturgy
the closing prayer
The Feast of St Luke, October 18, 2009: Welcome to Fr. Sam Wood
Fr Wood, Fr Warren, Dn Noyes in sacristy
Preparing for the first Mass
Fr Wood being censed
No stage fright!
Fr Wood and Fr Warren
Fr Wood and Fr Warren catch their breath after Mass
Photo by Robert Armidon
Fr Wood at coffee hour
Getting acquainted...
Photo by Robert Armidon
Fr Wood and Vance Hosford
New friends
Photo by Robert Armidon
Fr. Gray's Farewell, September 20, 2009
Jake at Mass
Jake pays his respects
dismssal at 9am Mass
The Dismissal at 9am Mass
purse presentation after 9am Mass
Fr Warren presents a gift
Fr Gray speaks
The best use for a windowsill
Fr Warren, Naomi Gray, and Ella Gray
Fr Warren, Naomi Gray, and Ella Gray
Fr Gray and Sacred Ministers mugging for the camera
Sacred Ministers mugging for the camera
Fr Gray in the pulpit
The sermon
Final blessing at 11.15 Mass
Final blessing at 11.15 Mass
Fr Warren and Fr Gray at 11.15 coffee hour
Fr Warren salutes Fr Gray
Parish Picnic 2009
Corpus Christi 2009
the Mass
Preparing for the procession
kneeling before the Sacrament
Kneeling before the Sacrament
procession begins
The procession begins in the church ...
procession outdoors
... and heads outside
Fr Gray and Bishop Willimon
Fr Gray with the preacher, the Rev'd Dr William Willimon
brass band
The brass band accompanying the procession
sacred ministers
The Sacred Ministers with the Sacrament ... but see below.
more people processing
The people processing
people processing
More processing
mixed message
A mixed message???
C0rpus Christi photos by Tony Pulsone
Holy Week & Easter 2009
blessing the new fire
The Great Vigil: Blessing the New Fire
preparing the candle
Preparing the Paschal Candle
the Exsultet
Singing the Exsultet in a candlelit church
at the font
at the font
dipping the candle
dipping the candle in the baptismal water, an ancient ritual
the Gloria in Excelsis
The Gloria in Excelsis, with joyful bells and fanfare
the Gospel
"He has risen, as he said..."
Easter Day procession
Easter Day: Procession
the high altar
The High Altar and Paschal Candle in all their Easter glory
Easter Mass
Easter Day Mass
Invitation to Communion
Invitation to Communion
the Blessing

Good Friday: The Sacred Ministers prostrate themselves

The Collect

What Good Friday is all about...

The Sacred Ministers prepare to process the Cross

The Veneration

Preparing for the Mass of the Presanctified
the Altar of Repose
Maundy Thursday: the Altar of Repose
the Footwashing
The Footwashing
censing the Sacrament
Preparing for the Transfer of the Sacrament
procession to the Altar of Repose
The Procession to the Altar of Repose begins
stripping the altar
Stripping the Altar
cleansing the stripped altar
Cleansing the stripped altar
Jake sniffing palms
Preparations: Jake the Cat checks out the palms ...
Choir rehearsal
... and the Choir's rehearsal
decorating the altar
Decorating the altar
Fr Warren instructs acolytes
Fr Warren exhorting the acolytes before a lengthy rehearsal
blessing before the Palm Gospel
Palm Sunday Mass: before the Palm Gospel
blessing the palms
Blessing the palms
Palm Procession
Palm Procession
choristers in procession
The Choir in procession
Choir, Verger, and Fr Gray in procession
The procession heading back into the church
MC and Sacred Ministers in procession
The Sacred Ministers in procession
parishioners processing
Processors of all ages
blessing Gospelers
Blessing the Gospelers before the Passion
chanting the Passion
The Chanting of the Passion
invitation to Communion at Mass
"Behld the Lamb of God"
blessing at end of Mass
The Blessing
Christmas 2008

The Sermon

The Procession to the Crèche lines up

Blessing the Crèche

Singing "Silent Night"

The Crèche filled with gifts

Beginning the Canon

The Blessing

The Wise Men waiting their turn ...

... now that there's room for them in the Crèche
The Owl in the Rectory living room
At the end of a very long day, Fr. Warren's cat The Owl says, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
The Parish Picnic 2008
Corpus Christi 2008
in the sacristy before Mass
What goes on in the sacristy before Mass...
choir singing
Singing the Kyrie
praying the Collect
The Collect of the Day
the Gospel
The Gospel
Bishop Wolf in the pulpit
Bishop Wolf in the pulpit
during the Sermon
The Sermon
Canon of the Mass
"This is my Body..."
invitation to Communion
What Corpus Christi is all about
the Exposition
The Sacrament exposed on the Altar
the Exposition again
"O Saving Victim" was sung to the tune of "Jerusalem"!
departing procession
The Procession begins
The Benediction
The Benediction
Pentecost 2008
Stained glass dove emblem of the Holy Spirit
From one of the Baptistry windows, the symbol of the Holy Spirit
orchestra in waiting
The orchestra awaits
Pentecost Procession
The procession begins
Mark Dwyer conducting choir and orchestra
Singing the Kyrie
The Gloria in Excelsis
At the Gloria in Excelsis
the Gospel
The Gospel is proclaimed
view of the altar from the West gallery
The Offertory, seen from the West gallery
canon of the Mass seen from the West gallery
The Canon of the Mass
canon of the Mass seen from the West gallery
The Mass continues
the Agnus Dei
The Agnus Dei
invitation to Communion
"Behold the Lamb of God..."
Blessing at conclusion of Mass
The Blessing
Rogation Sunday 2008

Blessing the new garden!

Waiting for the choir to arrive

Before we can sing, we have to bless the tree

Mark Dwyer explains the madrigal
("Le Chant des Oiseaux," Clément Janequin)

Fittingly, a song about birds ("oiseaux") had a volunteer accompanist!