Katrina Relief Trip

April 18-26, 2009: A group of Advent parishioners returned to Gulfport for another rebuilding project. Check back for photographs after they return.
In April 2008 a group from the Advent traveled to Gulfport, Mississippi, to assist in the ongoing rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina.
NASA satellite photo of Hurricane Katrina
A NASA satellite image of Katrina at her Category 5 worst.
concrete slabs in coastal Mississippi
Concrete slabs such as these are all that is left of many buildings.
destroyed bank
Only a sturdy brick vault survives of what was once a bank.
Team Advent - Aaron Butt, Fr. Warren, Joan Cammett, Camilla Shannon, Tim Shannon, Carolyn McDermott, Tom McDermott, Nola Sheffer
Team Advent: (l.-r.) Aaron Butt, Fr. Warren, Joan Cammett, Camilla Shannon,
Tim Shannon (kneeling in front), Carolyn McDermott, Tom McDermott, Nola Sheffer
volunteer homes map
A map showing where volunteers have come from.
Relief Team from Virginia
New friends from Virginia (St John's Episcopal Church, Mclean).
team members at job site
The crew worked on this house, seen here before the addition of siding.
Father Warren using a chop saw
Fr. Warren and power tools ... be afraid. Be very afraid.
crew working on new house
Crew putting siding on a new house.
house with partial siding
More of the work in progress
working on roof of new house
Working on the roof.
using the chop saw
Other people got to use the chop saw from time to time...
crew member with visiting neighbor
A neighbor came to thank the crew.
raising a framed wall
From putting up framing ...
a framed-in house
... to what is starting to look like a house.
resident visits site of her new home
The crew built a handicap-access ramp for this elderly woman (in the white sweater).
nearly complete house
Fr. Warren and another crew member on the porch of the woman's new home.
handicap ramp on nearly finished house
The completed ramp.
team members relaxing at restaurant
The team takes a well-earned break at a local eatery.
crew in front of rebuilt house
The crew, including a group from New Mexico, in front of their work.
new house and battered house
A new house next to one still in need of rehab.
more concrete slabs and a swimming pool filled with sand
There is still a great deal to be done.