The Parish Gardens

Eastertide 2009: the Memorial Gardens are consecrated and blessed
portion of memorial garden
A portion of the Memorial Garden, with alliums in bloom
Fr Warren blesses portion of memorial garden
Fr Warren blesses the garden
Fr Warren consecrates portion of Memorial Garden
Blessing the other part of the Memorial Garden
Consecrating Memorial Garden
Consecrating Memorial Garden
Spring 2008: the garden blossoms
parish garden
parish garden
parish garden
Look closely - Jake the Cat is nestled in the tulips
parish garden
A newly planted lilac
parish garden
This bed wraps around the Library wall
Jake in garden
Jake on the prowl in the front garden
The new front garden took shape in the fall of 2007.

Bishop Cederholm dedicated the new garden during his visitation on October 21, 2007.
The Courtyard Garden
view of garden from second-floor fire escape
The garden seen from one flight up (defying the photographer's fear of heights).
andromeda and viburnum by kitchen window
Japanese andromeda (left) and viburnum (right) in bloom.
The gate to the Rectory garden is behind them.
roses behind bench in garden
Roses peaking in summer.
Moses Buyondo and Matt Samolis in the garden
Moses Buyondo and Matt Samolis pitch in to prepare the garden for Spring.
reading in the garden before Mass
The garden is a lovely place to read and rest...
Jeoffry in the bushes
... and Church Cats Jeoffry (barely visible here)...
Jake in flowerbed
... and Jake enjoy the garden, too.
The Rectory Garden in Spring.
blooming tree in rectory garden
rhododendron in rectory garden