The Flower Guild

Flower Memorials and Thanksgivings

Floral arrangements at the Church of the Advent have been provided by devoted volunteers in the parish Flower Arranging Guild since 1992, carrying on a tradition that goes back to the earliest days of the parish. The work of the guild is a partnership between the donors who contribute money for flower memorials and thanksgivings, and members of the Guild who give their time to obtain the materials and create the arrangements. The guild provides floral arrangements in the church for approximately fifty Sunday and feast day Masses annually and for weddings, funerals, and baptisms, as well as the extensive floral dec­orations at Christmas and Easter.

The flowers in the church are funded entirely by donations from members and friends of the parish, not from the church operating budget. Flower donations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If the High Altar is already booked on the Sunday you want, you have the option of taking the nearest vacant Sunday or placing flowers at the Lady Chapel, All Saints chapel, the crossing, or one of the shrines on the desired date. Price guidelines are:

High Altar, $75 and up
All Saints and Lady Chapel altars, $50 and up
Pedestal arrangements at the crossing, $70 and up for a pair or $40 and up for one
Baptismal font, $80 and up
Shrines of Our Lady and Christ the King, $30 and up

Anyone interested in donating flowers should e-mail or phone Blenda Jeffry.

Donors should let us know exactly how the memorial or thanksgiving should be listed (preferably by e-mail or in writing), and must mail or deliver a check to the church office, payable to the Church of the Advent and clearly marked “Flower Fund,” at least one week in advance.

Flowers for weddings

photo of altar flowers

The Flower Arranging Guild is always eager to welcome new members. This requires a commitment of one Saturday morning each month. No previous floral design experience is required, and novice arrangers are paired with experienced designers as they learn. In addition, it would be impossible to prepare the church for Christmas and Easter without the assistance of many parishioners who are not Guild members.

To enquire about donating flowers, please contact:

Blenda Jeffry
508 358 2178

For information about the parish Flower Arranging Guild, contact:

Tom Sopko
617 492 2347

Betsy Ridge Madsen
617 227 0779

Cassie Gurnon
617 742 5853

Carolyn Walden
617 739 0701