Celebrating Edith Ho at the Church of the Advent

The Feast of Corpus Christi, June 7, 2007, was the occasion for a celebration of Edith Ho's 30 years of music ministry at the Church of the Advent. A festive reception followed the Mass, complete with a musical offering from present and former members of the Choir.
photo of Edith Ho
Fr Warren and Edith
Fr Warren and Edith
Fr Warren shows off a gift from Meg Mill
A handmade gift: a needlepoint of the church

Edith listening to Mark Dwyer
Mark Dwyer makes a speech

A rapt audience for Edith's speech

Listening to the choir's musical tribute (see below!)

"Personent HO-die"
(to the tune of "On this day, Earth shall ring" - #92 in the Hymnal 1982)
alt : perhodie.mid
Click the "play" button for the melody

1. On this day, long ago,
To our shores, Edith Ho
Came, on us to bestow
Music to inspire,
All the Advent Choir.

Edith Ho, Ho, Ho!
Edith Ho, Ho, Ho!
Edith Ho, Gloria in excelsis Deo!

2. From the famed Peabody
Music Conservat’ry
She received her degree.
Academic honor,
They bestowed upon her.

3. She conducts music by
Manchicourt and Dufay,
Maxwell Davies and Tye,
And (of course) Praetorius.
She makes him sound glorious!

4. When she speaks, we obey’th!
If the great Edith say’th:
“Tenors, take off an eighth!”
Soon you know you gotta
Use a square fermata.

5. She’s embraced, grudgingly,
Modern technology;
Who thought we’d ever see
Edith sending e-mail?
Such a modern female!

6. When she sailed ‘cross the main
China’s loss was our gain.
Thirty years she’d remain,
Metronome beside her.
No one dares to chide her!

7. So to Edith we bring
Anthems loud echoing.
To her praises we sing!
Others rate a “zero…”
Edith is our hero!
Edith Ho, Ho, Ho!
Edith Ho, Ho, Ho!
Edith Ho,
Gloria in excelsis Deo!
(humbly submitted by Allen Combs – from “Da Choyr”)