Recordings by the Choir of the Church of the Advent

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cover of Praetorius CD
Hieronymus Praetorius, Missa super Angelus ad pastores ait and Motets
cover of Manchicourt vol 1 CD
cover of Manchicourt vol 2 CD
Pierre de Manchicourt, Vols. I and II
cover of Crecquillon vol 1 CD
cover of Crecquillon vol 2 CD
Thomas Crecquillon, Vols. I and II
cover of Dufay CD
Guillaume Dufay - Masses and Magnificat
cover of Victoria CD
Tomás Luis de Victoria - Requiem and Improperia
cover of Guerrero CD
Francisco Guerrero - Missa Simile est Regnum Coelorum and Motets
cover of Clemens non Papa CD
Jacobus Clemens non Papa - Missa Gaude lux Donatiane and Motets
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