The Advent's past, illustrated

Also see below, The Advent then and now ...
19th century photo of commercial building on Merrimac Street During the 1840s the congregation worshipped in an upper room in this building at the corner of Lowell and Causeway Streets (near present-day North Station).
In 1847 the congregation moved a few blocks westward to a disused meeting-house on the former Green Street (destroyed in the construction of Charles River Park in the 1960s).
engraving of Green Street church
19th century sketch of Bowdoin Street church Having outgrown the Green Street space, the parish moved yet again - to a former Congregationalist church on Bowdoin Street, today the Church of St John the Evangelist, seen here before the construction of townhouses on either side.
The Brimmer Street church was built in the 1870s and 1880s and consecrated on Advent Sunday, 1894, exactly 50 years to the day after the first service at 13 Merrimac Street. Here are two photos from 1890 and 1900, respectively; notice in the 1890 photo the location of the pulpit in the nave, and the absence of the reredos (installed in 1894 and visible in the later photo).
photo of church interior circa 1890
photo of choir procession in 1900
Two photos from the 1930s. First, High Mass in the latter part of Lent (as indicated by the veiled altar cross) - notice that only the celebrant is vested; also the extra rows of choir stalls. The pulpit has moved to the spot we know today, and the Rood Cross is in place (replacing the choir screen and previous rood visible in the earlier photos above).
photo of a Lenten High Mass during the 1930s
1930s photo of All Saints Chapel
The All Saints Chapel. At the time this photo was taken Masses were regularly said at this altar, as evidenced by the bell, cushions, and missal stand.
A program from the parish's Centennial observances in 1944.
reproduction of program from centennial celebration in 1944

The Advent Then and Now ...

Two images from c. 1912 and the same angles 95 years later:
1. The All Saints Chapel in 1912 ...
... The chapel today
The railing seen in the 1912 image was removed in the late 1990s and movable kneelers were substituted. Also note that the pulpit is not visible in the earlier image; it was moved to its present location some years later.
2. A view of the nave then ...
... and now.