Liturgical Customary of the Church of the Advent, Boston

© Julianne E. Turé and William J. Theisen 1999

The Liturgical Customary of the Church of the Advent
Holy Week: Good Friday


The High Altar is stripped bare. The aumbry door is wide open. Red cushions at the rail for the High Altar are restored for use by communicants at the Mass of the Presanctified. Texts and hymnals are placed in stalls and at sedilia.

The hanging lamps are empty, but raised to normal position. (They were lowered Maundy Thursday night at the conclusion of that service.)

The lectionary is marked and set on the epistle lectern.

The Altar Guild veils the higher altar cross and the All Saints cross in black. The crucifix above the Lady Chapel tabernacle will already have been removed from the Altar of Repose. The statue of Our Lady remains veiled in purple.

The Altar Guild places the cross stand in the center of the High Altar retable, and will have marked places on the retable and on an altar step (second from pavement) for the placement of candles. AA should check these out before the service.

At the credence are: black burse containing corporal; also, the 11:00A.M. silver ciborium (ivory knurl) for the crypt, a small cruet of water, a lavabo bowl and a towel. On the table below the credence is placed a folded fair linen for the High Altar. This set-up is sufficient for High Altar and All Saints communion stations.

The wooden rattle (crotalus) is placed on the deacon's step near the epistle side of the reredos.

The Blessed Sacrament remains on the Lady Chapel Altar where it was placed at the Maundy Thursday Liturgy. All candles in the Lady Chapel are lit. On the altar should be two candles for use during the Transfer of the Sacrament. If any candles are placed on the steps outside the Lady Chapel, they should be lit as well.

One undecorated white humeral veil is placed on the Lady Chapel steps aligned with the epistle horn.

In the Baptistry, the Altar Guild places the cross to be venerated and veils it in black.

A prie-dieu is placed at the bottom of the chancel steps, to the left of the gate. This will be moved to the center of the step for the Veneration of the Cross.

The crypt is unlocked.

There is no crucifer for this service. MC should instruct TH and AA to count Communions.

SMs initially vest in albs and cinctures and nothing else. The Eucharistic vestments will be donned during the service. CHOIR CLERGY wear surplices, with black stoles in their stalls. SERVERS and CHOIR wear cottas and black cassocks.

Black chasuble is laid over Gospel-side altar rail, black dalmatic and tunicle over Epistle-side altar rail. Maniples are omitted.

The lights in the choir and the church are turned on. CHOIR sings from the south gallery. They will move to the chancel from the balcony at Communion.

TH does not carry thurible at entrance.

Reverencing will consist of a bow until the Cross is unveiled. After the Cross is unveiled, ALL will genuflect to it.


ALL enter in silence via the north crossing door and proceed to the chancel the short way:

(without thurible)
(carrying BCP)

AA go to credence and kneel at bottom altar step. TH goes to CR's stall; CHOIR CLERGY to choir stalls.

MC goes into a choir stall. SMs stop on choir floor, where they prostrate themselves. ALL OTHERS kneel to observe a painfully long silence. Then SMs kneel upright.

MC leaves choir stall and passes BCP to CEL, who alone stands and sings the Collect.

After the Collect, CEL passes BCP to MC. D and SD stand and, led by MC, SMs proceed single file to their places at the sedilia. MC puts book on credence table. ALL sit.






ALL remain seated. Towards the end of the tract, three cantors enter, reverence, and kneel at the altar steps. From his sedile, CEL, seated, blesses them in the usual form. Cantors stand and take their places for the Passion Gospel.

ALL stand at the words "Then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified." ALL remain standing through the words "and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost." ALL GENUFLECT. A pause is observed. ALL rise, led by CEL.

At the conclusion of the Passion Gospel, the three cantors proceed to the altar rail, where they reverence and exit via the smoke sacristy.

The Verger does not escort the preacher. ALL sit.

ALL stand. SMs don vestments. AA pick up fair linen, go to center, reverence, ascend steps and spread fair linen, then descend steps at center and return to sedilia. MC places Altar Book/BCP at center.

ALL remain standing. SD, CEL, and D line up at altar steps and ascend to the footpace. MC and AA line up at altar steps at sedilia. SMs kiss the altar.

Facing the altar, CEL chants the bidding. After D sings Let us bow the knee, ALL kneel. A pause is observed. When D sings Arise, ALL stand. CEL chants the Collect. This form is repeated throughout the Collects.


After the Collects, SMs descend steps. MC joins them on D's right. AA remain at credence. SMs and MC reverence, turn, and proceed single file to the Baptistry via the main nave aisle, led by the MC.

In the Baptistry, MC hands SD and D the veiled cross. Led by CEL, SMs retrace their steps to the chancel. SD and D carry the cross and MC brings up the rear. Meanwhile, TH moves the prie-dieu to the center of the floor at the bottom of the chancel steps. The Verger or a choir cleric may assist in moving the prie-dieu.

Toward the back of the nave aisle, in line with the first set of pillars, SMs and MC pause. CEL turns to face the cross and uncovers the upper part of the cross and sings in a low pitch, Behold the wood of the Cross, whereon was hung the world's Salvation. ALL respond, O come, let us worship. At MC's cue, ALL, except SD and D, kneel for a moment in adoration.

MC and SMs turn and proceed to the second set of pillars, where CEL unveils the head and right arm of the Corpus, singing the verse at a higher pitch. The previous form is repeated.

SMs and MC proceed to the crossing, where CEL removes the veil completely, handing it to MC. CEL takes the cross from SD and D, turns to the people, and elevates it. CEL sings the verse at a higher pitch. The form is repeated.

Facing the people and each supporting an arm of the cross, SD and D rest the cross on top of the prie-dieu.

CHOIR begins singing The Reproaches.

CEL venerates the cross, then holds it while D venerates. CEL and D hold cross for the remainder of the Veneration. SD and MC venerate, then stand to either side of the prie-dieu to assist the people.

CHOIR CLERGY, AA, and TH all venerate by quietly exiting the chancel via the All Saints altar and coming across the transept. They return to the chancel by ascending the steps. MC gives the black veil to TH who takes it out when he/she exits to smoke sacristy after venerating.

As the spirit moves them, the people come forward to venerate. Ushers do not control traffic in any way.

During the venerations, one A takes the burse to the altar, moves the Altar Book to the center of the gospel side, as in the Canon of the Mass, and spreads the corporal in the center of the altar. The A returns to credence. AA sit until venerations are completed.

When all have venerated, a choir cleric moves the prie-dieu aside. MC leads SD, CEL and D, carrying the cross, up to the altar steps. MC retires to sedilia. SMs ascend to footpace. SD and D assist CEL to place cross on the gradine. SMs descend single file to the sedilia.


After The Reproaches conclude, ALL rise. MC cues TH, who enters, reverences, and proceeds to sedilia. CEL puts on incense, but does not bless it.

AA, TH, SD, CEL, D, and MC line up at altar steps in the usual order. ALL reverence. They proceed to the Altar of Repose the short way in silence:

(without candles)

AA ascend steps to footpace of the Altar of Repose, genuflect, and pick up the two candles set aside for them. They take their places near the desks. ALL kneel:


A                            A

From this point until Communion, all genuflections are double genuflections.

TH hands thurible to CEL. ALL bow profoundly. CEL censes the Sacrament. CEL hands thurible back to TH. ALL repeat profound bow.

D places humeral veil on CEL. SMs go to the footpace, where CEL takes up the ciborium. Except for SMs, ALL rise, genuflect and turn west. During the singing of Vexilla Regis, ALL proceed to the chancel through the Lady Chapel, past the epistle lectern, and through the choir to the High Altar. The order for this procession is the same as above.

At the High Altar, AA continue to the footpace and place their candles on the outer places marked for them. They take their places at the altar steps and are joined by ALL others.

SMs go to the footpace, place the Blessed Sacrament on the corporal, remove the veil from the ciborium, genuflect, and return to their places at the altar steps. ALL kneel.

D removes humeral veil from CEL and passes it to MC who folds it and places it on the deacon's step. They return to their positions and kneel.

TH gives thurible to CEL. ALL bow profoundly. CEL censes the Sacrament, as at Benediction. ALL repeat profound bow. CEL returns thurible to TH.


ALL remain kneeling. D leads Confession. CEL stands (sideways) and gives absolution.


D and SD rise and accompany CEL to the footpace, where CEL leads the Lord's Prayer.

At the same time, MC and AA stand, genuflect, and go to credence. With them, TH stands, genuflects, and exits. Ciboria are brought up to the altar. The Sacrament is divided up among the vessels. CHOIR MINISTERS, as needed, approach the altar to receive ciboria. After CEL announces the invitation, MC rattles crotalus.

CHOIR communicates and sings Psalm 22 and antiphons from the choir stalls. As much of the Psalm will be sung as is necessary to cover the duration of the Communion.

At the conclusion of Communion, a choir cleric removes the Sacrament (in 11:00 A.M. silver ciborium) to the crypt tabernacle.

Vessels are abluted according to form, except that CEL folds corporal and puts it in burse. The burse and ciboria are removed at the same time to the credence.

Reversing their positions as at 11:15A.M. Mass, SD takes his/her place at CEL's left, D on right, but they carry nothing. CEL carries BCP as SMs descend to bottom of steps, while AA and MC line up as they would for a gospel procession (minus TH).

ALL kneel. CEL sings O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God … ALL stand, reverence and retire "the short way" led by AA in the absence of a crucifer.